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What is a Domain Name?
In simple terms, a domain name is an address that is used on the Internet to locate web sites or email addresses. Many websites and email addresses make use of a special, less expensive kind of domain name called a "Sub Domain". A "Sub Domain" name has both your business name and your Internet Service Provider's name in it.

For example:

A Sub-Domain Name: or
A unique Domain Name:

Many ISP's will arrange a sub domain name for you at a minimal or even no charge. To obtain a unique domain name you need to pay a registration fee. The size of the fee depends on the type of domain name you wish to register.

Does your business need a unique Domain Name?

Not necessarily, however having a unique domain name will usually make it easier for your customers to remember your web site and email address. Email and web addresses which your customers can easily identify with will assist your business to build a presence on the Internet.

You can think of registering a unique Domain Name as the Internet equivalent of having a registered business name - once you have it no-one else can use it!

What types of Domain Names are there?

  • Commercial business need to register a domain name with a suffix. The rest of the name must be similar to your existing registered company or business name. You will need to provide an ACN or ARBN number.
  • Internet related businesses can register a name with the suffix (Other business types can register a domain but it is generally used by Internet providers and businesses)
  • Non-profit organisations can register a name.
  • Educational organisations can register a domain name.

How can your business register a domain name?

There are many registered Domain Name providers. If you haven't already registered your domain name we will be happy to make recommendations. Our clients have registered their domain names through WebCentral Pty Limited, Netregistry and ValueHosting Australia.

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